Wednesday, January 27, 2010

new mussak 2 message mix

january is almost over ..  and ive just finished  my first mix of the new decade and my 30's, its the latest in my musak 2 message series for "rubbersidedown"
rubbersidedown is a bicycle messenger zine produced by messenger's in dublin letting people know whats going on in the messenger scene
 they asked me a few months ago if i would set up a music page for the zine's facebook page above

take kerr - muzak 2 message(rubberside down mix)
 basically a mix tape that would combine musical ideas with how i work when  I'm on my bike
i usally try to mix this in too parts the morning and the afternoon 
 the morning set starts with a cheeky sample from  "DJ food and DK'" solid steel snipets before  moving  into funk and hiphop with a quality "johnny cash" remix by "alabama 3"  also dropping my favorite  danish producer "pepe deluxe" excellent "salami fever" check the youtube video its bizarre!!!

in the afternoon i usually like to listen to more upbeat music on my mp3 player.. so like wise on this mix .. starting with some classic house music! sample  from "hugh masekela" gets things moving  flowing into  "daft punk" and "paperclip people's"  "throw" an all time favourite track of mine  with " "martin luther king'"s inspiring "i have a dream" speach  playing over! from house i quickly move into breakbeat with some nice tracks that i got from my friend junior when back in edinburgh over xmas .. 
after the breakz comes "blama! blama!"s " electro rockin  monster "only friend " this track is gonna be huge this year!  then into remixes of  indie rockers "the rakes" and "bloc party"  to finish ..

take kerr - muzak 2 message (rubberside down mix)

1. the natural yougart band - chit chat
2. funky DL - 1947
3. mos def - casa bey
4. RJD2 - since we last spoke
5. johnny cash - leave that junk alone (alabama 3 remix)
6. dj yoda - wheels
7. the nextmen - piece of the pie
8. people under the stairs - tripping at the ...disco
9. mr scruff - music takes me up
10. pepe deluxe - salami fever
11. malkovich music - prohibition (clean version)
12. daft punk - high fidelity
13. paperclip people - throw
martin luther king - i have a dream (acapella)
14. stanton warriors - precinct (plump dj's remix)
15. slyde - space rock bass
16. atlantic connection - rocksteady (l.a riots "shake it all night" mix)
17. blama! blama! - only friend
18. the rakes - 22 grand job (filthy dukes remix)
19 bloc party - price of gas (automato remix)

hope you enjoy it and happy cycling

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

goldsprints news

firstly happy new year ..

pleased to announce that the gold sprints will be running in Dublin's best watering hole the "Bernard Shaw"over 3 Saturdays during the next few months. the first of these will be for charity with all cash raised going to victims of the Haiti earthquake on valentines weekend Saturday 13Th Feb

were are going to have the decks set up in the beer garden for this event!!
so the dj's 25 Sean, Rory and myself will fully interact with the racers and "big Neal" on the mic

check my last blog for the track dropouts very nice video from the last goldsprints in the bernard shaw

gonna be fun!!

more info on these sites.........