Monday, November 2, 2009

caught on flm ....

this autum has seen myself and 25sean and friends take over the decks 4pm - 9pm in the bernard shaw here in dublin at body tonics 'fixie day' with goldsprints (basically 500m sprints on track bikes on rollers in a beer garden.. )

hear's the video from this event ..... with excellent music from dublins jobot

Fixie Fanatic/Gold Sprints October 09 from Track Dropouts on Vimeo

also i was happy to see me and my messenger friends on the big screen at lighthouse cinema during dublin's 'dark light' festival...

Directed and Produced by Niamh Kennedy

Monday, October 26, 2009

take kerr - late night indian summer mix

hello folks.. this what ive been upto during irelands lovley indian summer..
yea working on chilled back to mine kinda set basically some of my favourite tracks for taking it easy .. hope you like the mix

take kerr - late night indian summer mix

1. jimmy castor bunch - troglodyte(cave man)
2. al wilson - the snake
3. tom browne - fungi mama
4. femi kuti - do your best(faze action remix)
5. africanism -bisou sucre
6. jon culter feat. E man - its yours
7. ella fitzgerald - slap that bass (miguel migs petalpusher remix)
8. sarah vaughan - what lola wants (gothan project remix)
9. the johnston brothers - hernandos hideaway
10. black grass - two wigs and a frog
dan le sac vs scroobius pip - the beat my heart skipped (intro accapella)
11. elvis presley -crawfish (piloski edit)
12. james yuill - this swet love (prins thomas sneaky edit)
13 jape -floating (prins thomas remix)
14. the chemical brothers - das spiegel
15. grauzone - eisbar
16. tom tom club - wordy rappinghood
17 new order -temptation

Saturday, September 5, 2009

take kerr - a new chapter

hey people finally got my hands on rane serato mixing device .. this basically allows you to mix mp3's like vinyl .. you get a interface that hooks intop your laptop and 2 magic records and somehow the box knows how to transferthe data to allow you to mix

well anyway this is new mp3 mix

Take Kerr - A NewChapter

1. the softlights -girlkillsbear (lo-fi-fnk remix)
2. the rakes - binary love (tim goldsworthy remix)
3. justus koehncke - pickpockets
4. the rapture - i need your love
5. prinzhorn dance school - you are the space invader (optimo remix)
6. a human - dark moon (justus koehncke remix)
bill hicks - the kennedy assassination
7. mystery jets - the boy who ran away (riton re-rub)
8. simiam mobile disco - hustler
9. dega breaks - all night (tronik youth remix)
ricky from trailer park boys - drunk as fuck
10. unit 4 -body dub ( teifschwartz remix)
11. halftones - like a rocket ( andrea doria remix)
12. the japanese popstars - delboys revenge
bill hicks - real fuckin high
13. sun city girls - fresh balloons of tibet
14. lindstorn - the conterary fix
15. yeah yeah yeah's - gold lion (diplo's optimo remix)
16. the fall - big new prinz

to download follow this link
cheers hope you like it :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

some old mixes

firstly comes my back to dub mix.... a chilled afair espect jazz, dub reggae, hiphop and deep funk

take kerr - back to dub...
1. st germain - sure thing(radio edit)
2. blacka..nized - vertical forms
3. preist - disorientaion
4. blacka..nized - crack pipe
5. the junkyard band - the word
6. black grass - oh jah
7. cutty ranks - the stopper
8. daweh congo - proverbs
9. jurassic 5 - lesson 6(reprise)
10. luke vibert - slipped disc
11. jungle brothers - jungle brother(terranova remix)
12. unknown track (white label)
13. lee perry & the upsetter - justice for the people
14. tommy McCook quintet - dynamite
15. the gaylettes - son of a preacher man
16. the selecter - celebrate the bullit

Saturday, August 1, 2009

muzak 2 message mixtape series

introducing my muzak to message sets
basically I've been working as a bicycle messenger(courier) for 10 years
and decided around about 2003 that i should make a bike messenger mix tape.. basically a mix tape that would combine musical ideas with how i work when I'm on my bike

so espect a crazy mix with everything from funk reggae to electro breakz as i try sum up what goes on in my head when I'm blasting around the city

Kerronthedecks - musak 2 message (part I)

1. queen - bicycle race
2. dj shadow - mashing on the motorway
3. killing joke - bloodsport
4. mense reents - allez ist dada (electronicat remix)
5. kings of the wild frontier - theme from 17
6. blacka'nized - livin in a jungle
7. craig mack - get down (instrumental)
8. dr dre - the next episode
9. dynamic duo - the soldier monk shit
10. dj shadow - gdmfsob (unkle remix)
11. eta - burnin spear (danmass remix)
12. unkle - reign (false prophet remix)
13. the killers - somebody told me (josh harris remix)
14. jem - they(kid freeze tech breakz remix)
15. goldfrapp - strick machine (euan pearson remix)
16. dj shadow - blood on the motorway

to download follow this link

kerronthedecks - musak 2 message (part II)

1. Gregory Issac- Night Nurse
2. The Specials-Ghost town
3. Beats International-Dub be good to me
4. James Brown-The payback mix(coldcut remix)
5. Dj Shadow v..s Cut Chemist- Product placement
6. Black grass- Nice up
7. Skatt Bros- Walk the night
8. Spectrum- Kinda new(tiefscharz vocal mix)
9. Nathan Fake- The sky was pink(holden remix)
10. Global Communicaton- The way(stanton warriors remix)
11. Kim- By the time they reach you(bagraiders mix)
12. Oliver huntemann- 37..
13. Andrew Wetherall- Feathers
14. Santos- Sabot(evil nine remix)
15. Dj Shadow- High noon

to download follow this link

kerronthedecks - musak 2 message(part III)

1. corncelius - free fall (unkle remix)
2. beck - where its at (unkle remix)
3. the beatles - sgt. peppers lonley hearts club
4. the avalanches - frontier psychiatrist
5. jimi hendrix - if six was nine
6. beastie boys - girls
7. dj shadow - six days (soulwax remix)
8. eat static - wall banger
9. salt and pepper - push it
10. ganja kru - super sharp shooter
11. led zepplin - whole lotta love
12. lords of acid - i ssit on acid (soulwax remix)
13. daft punk - teachers
14. gorillaz - dare (soulwax remix)
15. the gossip - standing in the way of control (soulwax remix)
16. julie andrews - my favourite things
17. the chemical brothers - do it again
18. the beatmonkeys - lords of eldorand (sam hell remix)
19. dj defkine and redpolo - bam bam
20. silversun pickups - lazy eye (adam freeland remix)

to download follow this link

take kerr - musak 2 message (part IV)

1. flotbots - handlebars
2. unkle - last orgy (dr octogon remix)
3. moby - run on (dave clarke remix)
4. gangstarr - DWYCK
5. ozomatli - super bowl suday (peanut butter and wolf rmx)
6. the beatnuts - off the books
7. us3 - I got it going on
8. YZ - thinking of a master plan
9. cypress hill - when the shit goes down
10. house of pain - jump around(pete rock remix)
11. fat boy slim - praise you (mike d and ad rock remix)
12. fleetwood mac vs scrubious pip - (take kerr bootleg)
13. beastie boys - flute loop
14. gang of four - to hell with poverty
15. jurassic 5 - acetate prophets
16. survivor - eye of the tiger
17. dj shadow - walkie talkie
18. mr scruff - get a move on
19. daft punk - around the world
20. tiefschwarz - warning siren
21. queens of the stone age - feel good hit of the summer
22. ian brown - F.E.A.R (unkle remix)

to download follow this link

thanks for checking these mixes out and please all feedback welcome

peace and happy cycling

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

good times video

valentines alleycat afterparty 13/02/09

filming and editing by my friend tom

please excuse my drunkin behavour half way through

this is one of my favourite partys since moving to dublin

so happy to have this video of my friends

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

do you hear any sound...?

my first post in my new blog ...
.house dj mix , mixed on vinyl using technics 1210's


1. a hundred birds - batonga
2. metro area - atmosphrique
3. chateau flight - prism
4. universal principles -flyin'high(sidewinders re-work)
5. phreek plus one - boogie beat
6. scott grooves - mothership recnonection(dj groupie remix)
7. laurent garnier - the man with the red face(swek remix)
8. gusgus - i still have last night in my body(king britt remix)
9. underworld - crocodile (innervisions orchestra mix)
10. booka shade - numbers(club mix)
11. agoria
feat n'zeng - les beaux jours
12. chemical brothers - the test

to download for FREE please follow this link...


take kerr live in berlin


just started this as myspace haxe disabled my links to download my dj mixes