Saturday, September 5, 2009

take kerr - a new chapter

hey people finally got my hands on rane serato mixing device .. this basically allows you to mix mp3's like vinyl .. you get a interface that hooks intop your laptop and 2 magic records and somehow the box knows how to transferthe data to allow you to mix

well anyway this is new mp3 mix

Take Kerr - A NewChapter

1. the softlights -girlkillsbear (lo-fi-fnk remix)
2. the rakes - binary love (tim goldsworthy remix)
3. justus koehncke - pickpockets
4. the rapture - i need your love
5. prinzhorn dance school - you are the space invader (optimo remix)
6. a human - dark moon (justus koehncke remix)
bill hicks - the kennedy assassination
7. mystery jets - the boy who ran away (riton re-rub)
8. simiam mobile disco - hustler
9. dega breaks - all night (tronik youth remix)
ricky from trailer park boys - drunk as fuck
10. unit 4 -body dub ( teifschwartz remix)
11. halftones - like a rocket ( andrea doria remix)
12. the japanese popstars - delboys revenge
bill hicks - real fuckin high
13. sun city girls - fresh balloons of tibet
14. lindstorn - the conterary fix
15. yeah yeah yeah's - gold lion (diplo's optimo remix)
16. the fall - big new prinz

to download follow this link
cheers hope you like it :)